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Canadian Fire Weather Index

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Hie colleagues

Considering the great distance between our automatic weather stations and  regions where fires occur how accurate is the CFWI in predicting fires. Where is the weather  data is used for calculating the Canadian fire danger indices obtained. My last question is how is the interpolation of fire danger indices done?Do you interpolate the weather variables first or the calculated values.

thank you in advance for your valuable responses.

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Dear User,

The CFWI is not computed using inputs from ground data from weather stations. The weather parameters used are obtained from Conformal-Cubic Atmospheric Model (CCAM) model forecasts- (this is why we have validated the CFWI using data from weather stations )

The CCAM is an atmospheric global circulation model (AGCM) that can operate at quasi-uniform horizontal resolution or alternatively in stretched-grid variable-resolution mode, to provide high resolution forecasts over an area of interest (SADC region in our case). This model provides high-resolution (~15 km) weather forecasts 7 days ahead, and coarse-resolution (~200 km) longer-range forecasts up to 5 months ahead.




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