Consultancy to Customize the MESA SADC Drought Monitoring Software to IGAD Region

Project title: Monitoring for environment and security in Africa (MESA)

Brief description of the assignment: The overall objective of this consultancy is the regional and national planners and decision-makers in East Africa to have access to the MESA Drought Monitoring System to benefit planning and decision-making.

The specific objective is to customize the existing MESA SADC Drought Monitoring System (DMS) software for the requirements of the IGAD region and to provide manuals to facilitate future customization of the DMS to other regions in Africa.

This consultancy is expected to produce the following results:

  • Result 1: Delivery of a fully operational MESA Drought Monitoring Software (DMS) for Windows operating system which is customized to the IGAD region
  • Result 2: Delivery of a three (3) day training course on the DMS on critical steps required to customize the software for other region of interest, consistent with Result 3
  • Result 3: Deliver a complete user manual, and another manual which details the steps required to customize the software to another region

Period of the assignment: Mar – May 2017


Qualifications and skills

  • A minimum of an M.Sc. in IT, GIS or Remote Sensing with practical work experience in the natural sciences or an M.Sc. in natural sciences with practical work experience in the field of GIS and Remote sensing, or equivalent.
  • Working knowledge in English

General Professional Experience

  • Minimum 10 years programming experience in Open Source GIS with examples of previous completed projects
  • Proven experience of using remote sensing products for drought or agricultural monitoring
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver project within the stipulated timeframe and within budget

Specific Professional Experience

  • Experience of the MESA programme and services in general and the MESA Drought Monitoring System Software in particular is an advantage


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Date of Closing: 
Tuesday, 28 February, 2017 - 16:00

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