Service Objective

The MESA SADC Flood Sservice is primarily developeddesigned to assisthelp the ministries and departments of water resources and disaster management offices mandated with flood monitoring and disaster management in SADC Member Statesmonitoring. This service is new and is still under development. The main objective of the flood service is to provide earth observation products for monitoring the status before, during and after a flood event. This will contribute to effective land use and disaster management planning and policy making and improve security for people in areas affected by floods.

Service Description

The flood service consists of three main components designed to address flood prevention and preparedness, early warning and improved effectiveness of flood relief, which will be integrated and visualized on the MESA Flood computer terminal system:

International Charter on Disaster is an International agreement among Space Agencies to supplyort with space-based images in the event of emergencies caused by major disasters. The charter can, which can be activated by all African member states through EUMETSAT. When triggered, sSatellites can be programmed to capture high resolution images of the affected areas. It is foreseen that  and Near Real Time images will be disseminated through EUMETSAT.

a) Before the flood – prevention and preparedness and early warning:

The aim is to contribute to prevention of and preparedness to prepare the users of the floods. This component includeswill  the following sub-elements:

Flood risk models- to determine flood-prone and flood safe areas based on historical earth observation data.
Flash Flood Forecasting system – To warn the countries in the likely event of floods. Essential inputs for this Flash Flood Forecasting system are a number of meteorological parameters and Soil Moisture maps.

b) During the flood:

This component aims to provide Near Real-Time information on the extent of flood events, including ma map products showing flooded areas and reliesbased on optical and Radar  the MODIS 721 band and the Radar images from Sentinel satellite. This component will also make use of the International Charter on Disasters for additional data and information required for rescue and responseimages.

c) After the flood:

To guide disaster relief planning and management during and after a flood event by contributing to flood damage assessments, including flooded area maps overlaid with land use map, roads and infrastructure, homesteads and other statistics to assist in rescue operations and calculation of damages.

Key users of the service

The key-users of this service include regional bodies such as the SADC Secretariat for regional food security and disaster management planning and management, as well as regional river basin and natural resource management projects at a regional level.

At SADC Member State level the key stakeholders include:

  • National Meteorological Services - responsible to provide Meteorological information, especially for weather induced floods
  • Disaster Management Units - responsible for coordinating logistics during relief operations
  • Ministries of Water Affairs – responsible for monitoring river basin and dam level flows

There are also many potential secondary users that can benefit from the Flood Monitoring Service, such as District Counsels, Land Use Planners (Land Boards) Police and Wildfire brigades, researchers, and the private sector.

Access to information

All generated images and tools will be distributed by EUMETCast to the SADC Member State MESA National Focal Point institutions. Information can also be accessed through the MESA website (www.mesasadc.org).

Monthly regional flood bulletins will be produced by BDMS and SADC-CSC for the SADC Secretariat, while the National Focal Points will generate country specific bulletins and information in accordance with their mandates.

The MESA SADC THEMA Project Office in Gaborone will also assist with...


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