Installation of Receiving Station at National University of Lesotho

A EUMETCast Receiving Station is to be installed at National University of Lesotho (NUL) as part of the MESA SADC initiative to improve access to the much needed earth observation data. The NUL provides courses in GIS, RS, environmental monitoring and natural resources management. However the access to relevant and recent Earth Observation data both for educational and research purposes was a real challenge.

The EUMETCast Receiving station will receive data in near-real time, the data from this system will allow the students to develop a number of technical skills, which are in high demand in Africa. The improved access to space-born data will give them the opportunity to prepare and position themselves for the labour market and to shape their own future. 

15 September 2015 (All day) to 17 September 2015 (All day)

National University of Lesotho
Department of Geography and Environment
Faculty of Science and Technology


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