Tanzania Forestry Research Institute (TAFORI)

About us

Tanzania Forestry Research Institute (TAFORI) was established by Act No. 5 of 1980.

Our mandate

To carry out, coordinate, regulate and disseminate forestry research and related scientific information and technology in Tanzania.

Our vision

To be a centre of excellence in forestry research, technology development and dissemination of forestry related scientific information in Tanzania

Our mission

To conduct, coordinate and regulate forestry research, disseminate scientific information and technologies for sustainable development of forest and allied natural resources.

Our functions

Functions of TAFORI are as stipulated in Section 4 of Act No. 5 of 1980.  Major functions are to:

  • coordinate and  regulate forestry research,
  •  carry out Applied Research  and Adaptive research,  
  •  transfer technology,
  •  Dissemination and to carry out consultancies in forestry and related fields.

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Tanzania Forestry Research Institute (TAFORI),
P.O Box 1854, Morogoro, Tanzania

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